Grão-Mestre Luiz Alves, treinador de alguns dos maiores nomes do MMA, é homenageado em praça do Rio de Janeiro


Luiz Alves left a great legacy on those who practice martial arts. One of the precursors of Muay Thai in Brazil, the Grand Master became famous for having helped form a series of champions and will forever be remembered as a person who made a difference in Brazilian sport. Names such as: Artur Mariano, Zé Mario Sperry, Vitor Belfort, Murilo Bustamante, Rodrigo Minotauro, Rogério Minotouro, André Pederneiras, Pedro Rizzo, among others, all went through his teachings in Ceará.

Alves passed away on March 2010, the victim of a stroke, but his contributions to the world of fighting are eternal. Proof of this is that, after having his biography released in 2018, Luiz was this week honoured once again, and will have his name in a large square in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

MMA legend Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira benefited from the company and teachings of Luiz Alves throughout his career. Upon learning of the tribute, the UFC ambassador spoke more about the role of the Grand Master.

“Luiz Alves was important not only for my career, but he was important for all of Brazilian Muay Thai and helped form several champions, he contributed to the trajectory of Pedro Rizzo and Marco Ruas. He went on to train Muay Thai in the Netherlands and helped bring the Dutch fighting style to Brazil. It helped me a lot, Dedé Pederneiras and the entire Nova União school in the style of Muay Thai that they practice. He was also one of the main reasons for uniting the main people from Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and Luta Livre (No-Gi), which were all separate back then. The Grand Master had a huge role in my career, he was with me in my most important fights, like winning the PRIDE and UFC belts. He is my mentor, coach, partner and I remember him as a father ”.


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