Por que o Judô deve ser a próxima grande aposta da indústria de jogos? Modalidade conquista adeptos de apostas online


The online betting market grows daily. Betting driven by a number of factors: financial income of the population, sports event programming in countries around the world, accessibility of different platforms and, of course, intelligence to make the best choices. The choice of betting sites for most online users, is the competitive world of sports. The more traditional users follow the traditional sports like Basketball, Football, American Football and MMA.

Betting sites are now expanding their range of options to reach new users. One of the sports most sought after by bettors is Judo. The discipline is part of the common knowledge, due to many people, especially in childhood, practicing it. It is also part of education, in many schools around the world.

At a professional level, Brazilian Judo has already delivered many highlights and Olympic medals. Well known fighters have made history in the country, as case of Aurélio Miguel, Rafaela Silva, Mayra Aguiar, Victor Penalber, Rafael Silva and others. With the growth of the sport, online sport betting sites are putting Judo as an option, and experts in the betting market ase saying that Judo is an intense sport, with body contact and lots of emotion in the confrontations.

At the same time as the growth of the sport, the sports top entity, IJF, has made a heavy investment  in social media networks, adding new fans and stimulating debate among sports fans.

This is a good way to increase the reach of the sport and, as a consequence, make larger number of bets viable. Although Judo is not available on all sport betting sites, the big fights fought on some of the  most important mats in the world have gained prominence.

One of the options the user has, is to bet on who will win the fight. In this type of sport, surprises can happen, especially since a Judo fight can end in a single blow. This means that the favorite athlete does not always end up with his/her arm raised at the end of the match up.


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