Considered one of the greatest names in the history of female MMA, Cris Cyborg completed, earlier this year, the “Grand Slam” of the sport. She completed this by winning the Nellator featherweight belt. With this belt, she has reached four titles in the main MMA promotions (Bellator, UFC, Strikeforce and Invicta FC).

With winning the belt by defeating the then champion Julia Budd in January, Cyborg now waits on decision on her first title defence. In an interview with TATAME, the Brazilian mentioned Australian Arlene Blencowe as a possible opponent. She also highlighted her desire to face champions from other organisations, in a job similar to what Scott Coker (president of Bellator) did with Rizin FF.

“Signing with Bellator opened a door for me to face champions from other promotions. Bellator has already done this by sending fighters to Japan. When I signed, I told Scott (Coker, Bellator president) that I wanted to do a rematch with Amanda (Nunes). I tried by being in the UFC and I couldn’t, but maybe now we can. This is the fight that all the fans want to see ”, said Cris, who has not yet forgotten her setback to compatriot Amanda Nunes, in 2018, when she was knocked out in 51s and lost the UFC title.

Also according to the Curitiba native – who now lives in Los Angeles (USA) – her return to the cages for Bellator is scheduled for the months of August or September. As her last fight was in January, just before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Cyborg has not felt any issues with not being so active during that period.

“As soon as the pandemic started, I had just fought, so I took advantage of this quarantine period to rest, to be with my family, but always continuing with my training, specially on the physical side. Financially it didn’t hurt so much because of the good work we do online, which we had already developed, ”said the multi-organisation champion, who went on to compare the treatments she received from the UFC and Bellator, taking a poke at the promotion chaired by Dana White, which she left at the end 2019.

“There is no comparison (regarding treatment by the UFC or Bellator). I am very grateful for everything that happened in the UFC, I received a lot of affection from most of the people I worked with, but I am very happy at Bellator. And as a professional, financially, what the UFC offered me, was nowhere near Bellator. It is sad because it is a huge promotion, but they don’t value their athletes ”, concluded Cyborg.

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