* More than one year since last competing, the tough fighter Bia Mesquita has not been on the mat since the last ADCC, held in September 2019. The black belt initially suffered an injury and, as soon as she recovered, events were canceled or suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. Her return will be this Saturday (14th), at BJJ Stars 4, when she will face Thamara Ferreira, one of the great promises of women in Jiu-Jitsu.

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The more experienced of the two fighters, Bia Mesquita wants to make this experience count in her favour. The athlete also highlights her “motivation” on returning to competition and expectations of a “great performance”.

“I am very anxious, super confident and very eager, which is the most important thing. I want to fight, to put on a show and demonstrate a progressive Jiu-Jitsu. I’m sure this will be the difference. I’m training very well and it has been a two-month camp, I’ve never had such a big camp for a single fight. I will be even better than before, because I have a huge desire to win ”, he said in an interview with TATAME.

Bia also talked about the details of her physical and technical preparation, she makes a brief analysis of her opponent’s game and her relationship with fellow fighter Patrick Gaudio, who will also be in action at BJJ Stars 4 against Devhonte Bones. She also goes on to explains the camp that both of them did together.

Check out excerpts from our interview with Bia Mesquita:

– Brief analysis of Thamara Ferreira’s game

I don’t normally study my opponents, but I’ve seen Thamara fight a few times. I know her main game is at guard. They say she is very good at armbar’s (laughs). But, that doesn’t really impress me, because that’s what I also like to do too: armbar, guard … I’m sure it will be a beautiful fight to see, always going forward. I like that, no stalling the fight. From what I saw of Thamara, she also fights like that, comes to fight. I strongly believe that my experience will prevail. The competition experience I have as a black belt will be the difference in my favor.

– Details on her physical preparation for this fight

I have always done my physical training daily. When you train Jiu-Jitsu, you don’t have time to keep making videos, but during the preparation, there is always a friend who is resting and who can film the session (laughs). The training for this fight has been a well-targeted. I’m doing strength training and cardio. Strength wise, I can see I’m fine. I am well trained, now it is just about polishing up. I will definitely be in my best physical shape, mental shape, because that is what I am searching for all the time.

– Jiu-Jitsu technical training for BJJ Stars

I’ve never trained focused on an opponent, so it won’t be different now. I will continue training what I am good at, because I know that when I get on the mat, I always look to impose my game. I go in to show my Jiu-Jitsu, forward pushing and looking for the finish. That’s what I’ve trained for and I will continue training to put on a show and surprise people as always. My versatility is what has always made a difference to keep me on top. I can pull guard, takedown, pass…..I am prepared for any situation.

– On dating Patrick Gaudio and mutual support

I think one of my biggest incentives for this event is to have Patrick with me daily. We do everything together. We train Jiu-Jitsu, then we go to physical preparation and physiotherapy. We are pursuing towards the same goal. He is also on the card and for the first time we are going to compete together and that has been an extra motivation for both of us. One supports the other. When one is being lazy, the other encourages them… When one is tired, the other encourages them also. So, the preparation couldn’t of been better. Both of us will be very well prepared and ready for victory. We even made a bet to see who will takes the prize for best submission of the night and best fight (laughs).


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BJJ Stars 4
Sao Paulo-SP)
Saturday, November 14, 2020

Middleweight GP

Leandro Lo
Isaac Bahiense
Otavio Sousa
Gustavo Batista
Matheus Diniz
Jaime Canuto
Claudio Calasans
Luan Carvalho

Super Fights

Gabi Garcia x Cláudia Do Val
Patrick Gaudio x Devhonte Johnson
Dimitrius Souza vs. Rafael Lovato Jr
Bia Mesquita x Thamara Ferreira
Victor Hugo x Erich Munis
Anna Rodrigues x Amanda Monteiro

* By Yago Rédua