In Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Serra BJJ Confere 2 happened last Saturday (February 20th) and featured big names of the gentle art. In the main event, black-belt Eli Brás conquered a belt after beating Pablo Campos (2 – 0). In the co-main event, Roger Takayas defeated Rafael Simões (referees decision), after a tough fight.

There were more highlights such as Manu Amorim (yellow-belt) beating Maria Luiza (11 – 0). In the blue belt Romário dos Santos submitted Igor Pereira via armlock. In the brown belt, João Miguel beat Guilherme Cabral in the best fight of the event. The 45-year-old athlete Maurício dos Santos defeated Tiago de Carvalho (4 – 2) in the black-belt.

The Serra BJJ Confere CEO, Diego Vasconcellos talked about the event: “This card was awesome and we had two belt disputes (Eli Brás and Pablo Campos). We also had live broadcasting and everything was better,” stated Vasconcellos.

“After this successful event, we are planning a third one. Stay tuned because we are going to deliver some news soon,” said the CEO.



Serra BJJ Confere 2
Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro 
Saturday, February 20th, 2021

Eli Brás beat Pablo Campos (2 – 0)
Roger Takayas beat Rafael Simões referees decision

Ruan Quitanilha beat Léo Beck (2 – 0)
Tiago 22 submitted Paulo Vitor via footlock
Maurício dos Santos beat Tiago de Carvalho (4 – 2)
Wallace Francisco beat Elton Santos (advantage)
João Miguel beat Guilherme Cabral referees decision
Francisco Corisco beat Rafael Gamarra referees decision
Ravel Ventura beat Willian Diniz (2 – 0)
Renato Bravo beat Vagner de Jesus (3 – 0)
Chris Barbosa beat Bruno dos Santos (9 – 0)
Felipe Jesuíno submitted Marcelo Perico via triangle
Romário dos Santos submitted Igor Pereira via armlock
Kety Costa beat Kamily Takayas (2 – 0)
Enzo Azara submitted Ícaro Dias via choke
Tiago Paes submitted Carlos Eduardo via choke
Manu Amorim beat Maria Luiza (11 – 0)