In the BJJ Stars 5 co-main event, Leandro Lo played hard against the black belt Alex Munis, who took the challenge of replacing the injured Gustavo Batista, and submitted with a choke. The middleweight world champion, in November last year, starts 2021 on fire.

When receiving the trophy by the hands of his friend Marcus Buchecha, Leandro Lo also won a beer and danced to celebrate his victory. To young Alex, stand out the courage of accepting this challenge without having time for preparation.




BJJ Stars 5
São Paulo, Brazil
Saturday, February 6th, 2021

> Heavyweight GP (under 97kg)

Quarter finals
Felipe Preguiça submitted Luiz Panza with a choke
Erich Munis defeated Erberth Santos by 4-2 (points)
Gutemberg Pereira defeated Nicholas Meregali by 5-0
Lucas Hulk defeated Yuri Simões by 7-0 (points)

Felipe Preguiça defeated Erich Munis by 3-1 (2×2 points)
Gutemberg Pereira defeated Lucas Hulk by referees decision (0x0 points)

Felipe Preguiça defeated Gutemberg Pereira by 2-0 (points)

> Super fights No-Gi
Vitor Terra defeated Percio Broca by 5-0 (points)
Gabriel Rollo submitted Miltinho Vieira with a arm-lock
Bia Mesquita defeated Thamara Ferreira by 2-0 (points)
Isaque Bahiense defeated Roberto Jimenez by 4-0 (points)

> Superfights
Mário Reis defeated Leon Amâncio by 3-0 (points)
Leandro Lo submitted Alex Munis with a choke