Last Saturday (24), in Las Vegas (USA), the UFC 261 featured an outstanding card and the return of the audience to the venue. However, YouTuber Jake Paul, who has three wins in the professional Boxing, tried to steal the show. At his arrival he was heavily booed by the fans.

All that noise called the attention of Daniel Cormier, who was participating in the broadcasting of the show by ESPN. Former UFC double champion and retired athlete, “DC” didn’t waste the opportunity of talking to Paul.

Cormier left the broadcasting and went straight to Jake Paul’s direction. Some videos showed that Daniel Cormier put his finger in front of Paul’s face, apparently arguing with him. UFC security had to act to prevent any major problem between both of them. After that, Paul shared some images of the incident, and provoked – again – DC: “Daniel Cormier online: ‘I’m gonna smack Jake Paul when I see him’. Daniel Cormier in person…,” Paul posted.

Watch the video: