Two super fights stood out on the weekend in Jiu-Jitsu. First, on Friday (30), happened Who’s Number One: Lovato Jr vs Burns, who ended up in the victory of the Brazilian Gilbert Burns over Rafael Lovato in the main event. On Saturday (1) happened Subversiv 5, which featured Atos team as the champion.

At WNO, Burns and Rafael Lovato Jr  – top fighters in MMA – showed their fans a good grappling performance, where the welterweight UFC fighter fought hard against his American opponent – middleweight Bellator former-champion – and won by decision of the referees. Still in this card, brothers Kade and Tye Ruotolo shined with their victories over Ethan Crelinsten and William Tackett, respectively.

At Subersiv 5, which featured No-Gi 3 x 3 fights among teams, Atos won the title again. Champion at the fourth edition, the team led by André Galvão stood out, represented by Kaynan Duarte, Lucas Hulk and Rafaela Guedes – one of the main athletes of the night. Besides Atos, ATT, Fight Sports, Checkmat, Danaher Death Squad, Gracie Barra, 10th Planet and Studio 84 were also present in the tournament.

Other moments which rocked last Saturday were Elisabeth Clay and Pat Downey against Andressa Cintra and Magin Llaneza, respectively.