After a controversial video at the gym went viral on the web, Vitor Belfort and Mike “Real Tarzann” Holston talked on a press conference last Monday (7) about their fight in professional Boxing at Triller Fight Club on June 19 de junho, in Miami (USA). FITE TV will broadcast it live.

The bout between former UFC champion and a youtuber who dedicates his life to explore the wild in the USA will happen in an event that mixes pro athletes and celebrities.

“That was supposed to be against Evander Holyfield (former heavyweight champion), but he said ‘no’ due to the small time for preparation. So we looked for options. Tarzann said ‘yes’ and then, he is the opponent now. The plan is to fight him and Holyfield in August,” Belfort said.

“Tarzann is coming to the jungle and won’t face a domesticated animal. But I respect him. He chose fight me anyway. My dream has always been to be the best in MMA and Boxing. That has always driven me and brought me here. I have a new challenge in my career. I will give my best, as usual,” the Brazilian fighter said.

Vitor Belfort believes those fights that mix business with entertainment can reach many generations at once. And “The Phenom” left a message to brothers Jake and Logan Paul, famous youtubers who have been fighting pro athletes.

“I can fight both in the same night. One after the other. They will go down quickly. I am their weight and height. It would be like Logan vs Floyd (Mayweather)”, the Brazilian said, referring to the fight that happened last Sunday (6) between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather.

“Real Tarzann” was cautious with the words. Former Football player and with no previous experience on the mats or cages, he brought out the opportunity of fighting Belfort. “It’s an honor to have an opportunity to earn some more battle stripes as a warrior. I wasn’t expecting that fight but I am in shape so I accepted it. It will be a great show,” the American said. Former Kickboxing champion Tyrone Spong has been training Tarzann in Florida.