* Heavyweight GP BJJ Stars champion in February, Felipe Pena is ready for his next challenge. Next Saturday (26), at BJJ Stars 6, he will defend his title against Patrick Gaudio, in the main event. The show will also feature the finals of the reality show “The New Star”.

There is a big expectation about this fight between “old friends” who have fought other times. In an interview to TATAME, Pena talked about he expects from this fight against Gaudio. However, Pena said that he has prepared a lot for this fight and it will be amazing for the fans.

“I believe this fight is going to be a war. I have fought Patrick Gaudio many times, but he has evolved a lot. He is coming from a victory at the AJP South America Continental Pro. But I am ready. I have no injuries and I am confident,” Pena said.

Felipe Pena talked about “The New Star”, a BJJ reality show promoter by BJJ Stars, and a possible fight against Gordon Ryan.

Check out Felipe Pena’s interview:

– Compliments to the reality show The New Star

I thought the reality show was pretty amazing. Of course it can be improved but BJJ Stars has done a lot by promoting this. I think it is great and it is a start. From what I have seen and talked about, the promoters are thrilled with what is coming next. So I am thankful for have been part of it. It has been better than I imagined. I am looking forward to the next chapters of this show.

– How do you rate your career regarding championships?

Right now the only title that I still don’t have is the BJJ world open weight. So, I have to be really motivated to fight. I have to train hard to be 100% ready. My main goal is the world open weight but I believe I will get there this year.

Talking about super fights, I can think of Nicholas Meregali and Kaynan Duarte. They are strong athletes and that would be challenging. I have news about one of them but it will be announced soon. I would like to fight Roberto Cyborg and Mahamed Aly too. I have never fought any of them, so I think it would be interesting. And I guess fans would like it too.

– New talents in Jiu-Jitsu

This is something that is happening naturally here at the gym. I am still very focused in being an athlete but I teach too. We have a strong team here. Caio BB has been standing out but we have others. We have a full preparation so people can evolve in Jiu-Jitsu. Each year we get stronger. I am glad but not satisfied. There is a lot to happen yet.

– About Gordon Ryan and a possible fight

The story about Gordon Ryan is simple: he is a liar. He likes marketing and he doesn’t want to fight anyone who can beat him. You see that he says nobody wants to fight him but Lucas Hulk, Kaynan Duarte, Roberto Cyborg and myself… post that want to fight him. He doesn’t want it to happen. He doesn’t answer back promoters but on the web he comes and talks about it. It is all lie.

I think it is important to talk about this because some people believe in his words. You can ask BJJ Stars, BJJBET, Third Coast Grappling, or even FloGrappling, that loves him. I have sent them messages but he doesn’t want to fight. I am open to the idea. Eventhough I have beaten him twice. He says that he has evolved a lot, that he would beat me easily but I don’t know why he doesn’t want to fight me.

BJJ Stars 6
Saturday, June 26, 2021
Pay-per-view: HERE

Main card
Gi: Felipe Preguiça vs Patrick Gaudio (heavyweight belt)
No Gi: Lucas Hulk vs Matheus Diniz
No Gi: Mahamed Aly vs Yuri Simões
Gi: Michael Langhi vs Claudio Caloquinha

Gi: Gutemberg Pereira vs Erberth Santos
Gi: Tainan Dalpra vs Athos Miranda
Gi: Natan Chueng vs Lucas Gualberto (The New Stars final)
Gi: Izadora Cristina vs Ingridd Alves (The New final)
Gi: Rudson Mateus vs Dimitrius Souza
No Gi: Bianca Basílio vs Gabi Fetcher
Gi: Dyná Sena vs Ershiley Kessy
Gi: Matheus Spirandeli vs Henrique Ceconi

* By Mateus Machado