The first edition of TATAME came out in 1994, still under the title “O TATAME – O Jornal do Jiu-Jitisu”. With over 264 publications in 26 years of history, the magazine has undergone several modifications. We faced the initial prejudice associated with martial arts, we helped to create idols, we designed events and we were a fundamental part of the process of professionalizing the MMA market. Today, we are proud to see Jiu-Jitsu and MMA being treated without prejudice and athletes deservedly being elevated to celebrity status. Our history has been marked by the greatest stars and all the events and struggles that were first recorded on the pages of TATAME. This in turn, transformed us into the most impartial and traditional fighting media in Brazil. In 26 years of existence, countless characters of the sport, have appeared on the cover of TATAME. MMA idols, Jiu-Jitsu stars, boxing stars and even TV actors have appeared in the magazine. We have recorded historical moments from the fight world, along with the struggle to legitimatize the sport, which has helped to consolidate TATAME, as a reference in the martial arts world.

26 years
fighting for the fight game

Following the natural process of evolution, TATAME Magazine created its first website in 1998. Over time, this website has been modernized by following the current digital trends and becoming a great content provider. We cover everything in the word of fighting by providing daily stories, events coverage, interviews, photos, videos and more. Tatami is a space made for those who love fighting and contact sports, built by a team of specialized journalists. In 2021, we are launching for the first time, our English version so that the whole world can have access to our content.