Seleção brasileira de Judô é convocada para período de treinos em Portugal entre os meses de julho e agosto; saiba


The Brazilian Judo Confederation (CBJ) defined a list of 28 athletes called up for a training period in Portugal during the months of July and August this year. The strategy, offered and financed by the Brazilian Olympic Committee, aims to ensure safe conditions in preparation of the judokas who are in the Olympic race for the Tokyo 2020 Games – to be held in 2021. In the last three months, athletes have been facing difficulties in training in Brazil due to restrictions on sports activities in most states because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are going through a very difficult time and certainly, the departure from this environment to an environment in which the athletes feel better, where they can really move and train will be extremely important during this period of resuming athletic activity” , Ney Wilson Pereira, CBJ’s High Performance Manager who will head the team in Portugal assessed. “We will have almost all the main judo athletes from Brazil on this mission and we will be implementing a very cautious, gradual training plan, so that this return after three months of confinement is safe. We are very grateful to the Brazilian Olympic Committee and to President Paulo Wanderley for this great opportunity ”, added Ney Wilson.

For this training trip, CBJ selected athletes who are fighting for an Olympic spot and support athletes. The team will be composed of 14 men and 14 women and all will have the option to accept or not this international call up.

“I think this trip to Portugal, with a team in a controlled environment, is the best way to adapt to our reality. I am confident of being able to do specific Judo training, which has been the biggest difficulty here in São Paulo, where I live ”, predicted heavyweight athlete, Rafael Silva Baby.

Trip Schedule

The trip schedule is in the final planning phase, with weekly meetings between representatives of CBJ, COB, the Portuguese Judo Federation and the Olympic Committee of Portugal. Brazilian judokas are expected to arrive in Portugal between July 10th and 11th and return to Brazil on the 24th of August. The delegation will undergo a battery of exams and tests to identify if any members have contracted the coronavirus before the trip and on arrival in Portugal as well as meeting all the security requirements in the fight against Covid-19 set out by the Portuguese authorities during their stay.

In the first training phase, the Brazilian delegation will be concentrated in the Rio Maior Training Center until July 14 without contact with people outside the delegation. Then, they will leave for Coimbra, where they will be able to train with the Portuguese judo team until August 23, and then return.

See the athletes summoned below:


Nathália Brígida (48kg / Sogipa / FGJ)
Gabriela Chibana (48kg / ECPinheiros / FPJudo)
Larissa Pimenta (52kg / ECPinheiros / FPJudo)
Eleudis Valentim (52kg / Instituto Reação / FJERJ)
Sarah Menezes (52kg / CRFlamengo / FJERJ)
Jessica Pereira (57kg / Instituto Reação / FJERJ)
Alexia Castilhos (63kg / Sogipa / FGJ)
Ketleyn Quadros (63kg / Sogipa / FGJ)
Maria Portela (70kg / Sogipa / FGJ)
Ellen Santana (70kg / ECPinheiros / FPJudo)
Mayra Aguiar (78kg / Sogipa / FGJ)
Samanta Soares (78kg / AD São Caetano / FPJudo)
Beatriz Souza (+ 78kg / ECPinheiros / FPJudo)
Luiza Cruz (+ 78kg / Instituto Reação / FJERJ)


Eric Takabatake (60kg / ECPinheiros / FPJudo)
Phelipe Pelim (60kg / ECPinheiros / FPJudo)
Allan Kuwabara (60kg / Clube Paineiras do Morumby / FPJudo)
Daniel Cargnin (66kg / Sogipa / FGJ)
Willian Lima (66kg / ECPinheiros / FPJudo)
Eduardo Katsuhiro (73kg / Clube Paineiras do Morumby / FPJudo)
David Lima (73kg / Sogipa / FGJ)
João Pedro Macedo (81kg / Sogipa / FGJ)
Guilherme Schimidt (81kg / Minas Tennis Club / FMJ)
Victor Penalber (81kg / Instituto Reação / FJERJ)
Leonardo Gonçalves (100kg / Sogipa / FGJ)
Rafael Buzacarini (100kg / Clube Paineiras do Morumby / FPJudo)
Rafael Silva “Baby” (+ 100kg / ECPinheiros / FPJudo)
Thiago Palmini (+ 100kg / Minas Tennis Club / FMJ)


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